Our Environment

Tamalpa UK is based in Folkestone, Kent less than an hour from London and close to the sea and natural coastal environment. Our main training programmes and public workshops are held at the Chichester Memorial Hall, in Sandgate, Kent.

Our Environment and place of establishment was intentional, with Tamalpa UK strategically launching in Folkestone’s developing Creative Quarter and within walking distance of the sea and natural countryside. The history of the Tamalpa Institute, based at the Mountain Home Studio, 30 minutes from the cultural mecca of San Francisco and surrounded by the natural environment of California is intrinsically interwoven into the roots of the Tamalpa Work. Establishing Tamalpa UK close to nature and the developing cultural creative centre of Folkestone was pivotal in locating the home for the launch of the UK branch. Creativity – Nature – Community were key ingredients in finding a home for Tamalpa UK.

The Chichester Memorial Hall in Sandgate, is 1 min from the sea and 10mins from stunning landscaped and natural costal parks that are both nourishing and rejuvenating, supporting students and participants to remember their connection within nature and the cycle of life.

Tamalpa UK has strong transport links: 55mins from London St Pancras via the high- speed rail link and International London airports. The M20 provides a fast road link between Folkestone and the rest of the UK motorway network. Tamalpa UK also has easy links to Europe via the Eurotunnel and Eurostar, both based locally.

Tamalpa UK also runs classes, and workshops online via Zoom and the Tamalpa UK
online studios. Enabling access internationally to our public classes and courses, check out our Shop to see what is on.

Annually Tamalpa UK also hires the following studios to run regular public workshops and classes nationally:

State Theta Galleries: A Centre for the Development of Movement, Health and the Arts in East Lothian, Scotland https://www.statetheta.com
Siobhan Davies Dance Studios: Vibrant arts space and dance studios in central London https://www.siobhandavies.com

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