Addiction Recovery

Creativity can play an important role in supporting individuals in finding a holistic way to recovering from the destructive impacts of addiction in their lives.

It can be a challenge to articulate difficult thoughts, memories, and feelings verbally, the expressive arts can act as a safe container and structure to navigate a way forward in recovery.

Participants in recovery who have experienced a Tamalpa class or workshop have often expressed how safe and resourced the Tamalpa tools made them feel, with clear boundaries and guidelines for non-violent communication and a non-judgemental environment.  A number of students who have attended the Tamalpa UK year long, Level 1 Personal Embodiment training, have found that the training supported them to transform their lives in a marked way that enabled them to abstain from their addictions.

If you are interested in finding out how the Tamalpa Life Art Process® might be able to support you in your recovery please contact us.

“Almost immediately in the first session I felt a freeness that I have not felt before. Lauren made it very enjoyable while also creating an atmosphere of trust and appreciation of everyone. I cant remember the last time that I had so much fun. 
I have felt a real shift in my recovery since I started the art group. I have learnt a bit more about trust and because of that I will reach out more.

LifeArt Courses with Create Recovery Arts Charity

Lauren Dowse a Tamalpa UK Associate Teacher and Tamalpa Practitioner runs Life Art Courses to support Co-gender and Women only groups who are in 12 Steps or abstinence based recovery . The Life/Art Course is an integrated course drawing from the principles of the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® and the 12 Step recovery programmes.  Lauren’s work is sponsored by the Create Recovery Arts Charity.

The Life Art course has been running since 2016 and the current programme for 2023 is full, with more in the pipeline.  If you are interested in participating or hosting the LifeArt course please contact Lauren Dowse directly for further information. (Above photos copyright of Lauren Dowse)

Create Recovery support people in recovery from addiction through the arts. We believe creativity enhances wellbeing and can help in sustaining long-term abstinence.

Watch the LifeArt Course short video to hear further the impact and benefits of the course.


New Note Dance Project

Tamalpa UK Associate Teacher Lauren Dowse led an exciting new project held at South East Dance called New Note Dance.

The Dance classes uses the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®  to explore techniques that engage the body, focus the mind and open the imagination.

Each session will explore different themes of recovery whilst providing a safe space to support your creativity.

There is absolutely no experience required to attend.

To book a place please contact us

NEW NOTE DANCE is a collaboration between New Note, Lauren Dowse and Create Recovery Charity.

New Note is a charity based in Brighton that supports those affected by addiction, homelessness and other adverse life challenges through music.

Click on following link to read the New Note Dance Project Evaluation Report with Lauren Dowse: New Note Dance Evaluation Report 2023

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