Mental Health

The Tamalpa process is unique in that it brings into awareness that mental health cannot be treated from just the neck up alone. That it is a full body and mind experience”

Mental health problems are a growing public health concern.  1 in 4 will be affected by it at some point in their lives in the UK.  Be it stress, depression, anxiety, burn out, or more complex & challenging cases of PTSD, Bio Polar, Schizophrenia and Psychosis.

At Tamalpa UK we take a holistic approach – we recognise that one’s mental health is as vital to a balanced life, as ones physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

The public offerings and wellbeing self-programme with Mind, specifically provide a safe space for gentle exploration of self, facilitated by trained, professional and empathetic teachers, all registered Somatic Movement Therapists (RSMT) and Registered Somatic Movement Educators (RSME)

The series of classes foster deeper awareness of the participants own unique abilities.  Whilst also learning how to resource oneself creatively with specific tools, to navigate mental health challenges and everyday life.

The three levels of awareness can give me a voice when I cannot speak in a place of feeling overwhelmed. I have this as a resource that I can access and then explore, either on my own or with others it is invaluable as a tool to help me navigate difficult and challenging times.”

Creativity has demonstrated to be a supportive container and outlet for expressing thoughts, images and associations. The body is a powerful tool for supporting grounding, connecting and regulating the nervous system. 

Our public offerings and training programmes have been a supportive and transformative environment for individuals navigating Depression, Stress / Burnout and Anxiety Disorders.


  • Safe container to explore troubled thoughts
  • Easing of anxiety
  • Learning tools to support self-motivation
  • Increased confidence in articulating mental health concerns
  • Befriending ones physical body, learning to ‘respond’ v ‘react’
  • Enhanced communication skills to be able to articulate in a respectful and safe way
  • Finding ones ‘voice’ to speak up and feel heard
  • Learning how to witness oneself and listen to others

Tamalpa UK has also partnered with Folkestone & District Mind, (now Mind South Kent). Offering a number of series of classes as part of their wellbeing ‘Self Programme’ 

Participants in the community classes had a range of mental health challenges from Depression, anxiety, Bipolar, Psychosis & Schizophrenia & Personality Disorders.

As someone with complex mental health issues including PTSD and a bipolar diagnosis, I have been able to understand the connection to my physical health and identify the links and realise that despite physical health issues as well, I can fully embrace the Tamalpa process and listen to my body, explore my life stories and map the triggers between the two. Deepening my understanding of the connections that weave my emotional, mental and physical landscape”

For further information on how our public offerings can support individuals navigating Mental Health challenges or to commission Tamalpa UK to partner with, please contact our Tamalpa UK office here


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East Meets West Retreat

In July 2023 our Tamalpa UK Clinical Director Helen-Jane Ridgeway, UKCP registered Integrative Psychotherapist, a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, offered Trauma-informed, Movement & Expressive Arts Workshops at the wonderful ‘East Meets West Retreat’ in collaboration with the Falcon Hotel, Castle Ashby & Silver Bell Coaching International. It was a remarkable week of connection, transformation & healing, cumulating in a day long Mental Health & Trauma conference (open to the general public, as well as health professionals), Helen-Jane was part of the esteemed panel of trauma, mental health & wellbeing practitioners. 

Fore future retreats with a focus on Mental Health and Trauma please contact us. 


Your Heart Beats Project

Audicia Lynne Morley our Tamalpa UK Programme Director was invited to Facilitate and organise the ‘Your Heart Beats!‘ an Erasmus+ funded project in collaboration with Origó Mühely.   It was a targeted initiative aimed at supporting the mental health and resilience of adult educators and their learners. The program was specifically designed to address the challenges faced by educators at risk of burnout and considering leaving their profession, as well as adult learners from disadvantaged backgrounds, including the unemployed, older adults, and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Your Heart Beats I – Tamalpa Life Art workshop experience took place from the 16-24. July, 2023 Bátonyterenye, Hungary

Your Heart Beats II – Tamalpa Life Art workshop experience  took place from the 19-27. October, 2023 Vila Franca do Campo, Sao Miguel, Portugal 

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