Planetary Dance

The planetary dance is a dance of peacemakers.
A dance that makes peace with itself,
makes peace between the performers,
makes peace with the Spirit,
and ultimately makes peace with the Earth on which it moves.

THE PLANETARY DANCE was devised by Anna Halprin and community, California, in 1980 as a call to enact a positive myth in dance.

The Dance was created as an invitation to people all over the world to join in a dance for peace in their own communities and for peace with the Earth. Since its beginnings the Planetary Dance has been performed in over 45 countries around the world and is celebrating its 41st year, Anna’s 101 years.

The Dance

The Planetary Dance is a simple participatory dance that everybody can do. Participants are invited to run, walk, or simply stand in a series of concentric circles, creating a moving mandala to the steady heartbeat of the drums or percussion. The simple, accessible and inclusive activities that make up the dance allow all peoples no mater what age or ability to become part of this collective moving mandala.

Its Purpose

Over the decades the dance has been performed by thousands of people whom have gathered to support global and generational healing, transformation, change and growth. The Dance has been offered in diverse settings as a way to celebrate, collaborate, honour and gather in community for a common cause.

It brings people of all ages and abilities together to ‘dance for a purpose’ much as people in traditional cultures have danced for a bountiful harvest, a successful hunt, or a happy marriage. It is a dance that transcends cultural and temporal barriers, a dance that speaks to the community that makes it, and a dance that addresses contemporary issues as they are experienced by all people on this planet. By coming together and dancing for a purpose, be it for peace, healing or another intention the dance supports all those whom participate to feel connected by a unified vision.

Dancing for a purpose engages participants deeply to what matters, everyone is dancing for something that is really important to them, both personally and collectively. Speaking and sharing the intentions allows all to hear what is deeply calling each mover as they step into the path of the dance and begin to join in the moving circle.

An extraordinary dynamic of connection, vision, dedication and presence builds as each mover is inspired to open their heart to the depth and breath of the intentions held and shared by each mover.

Anna talks about the importance dedicating the dance and of calling upon a higher power –  connecting to both the individual, the collective and that which inspires us all has evoked healing and change in many areas of life.

Dancing and engaging together in community, for a purpose greater than ourselves is a metaphor for how many communities have gathered to support each other through a crisis or change. Many of us have witnessed this during the recent pandemic.

Acknowledging the importance of community, of nurturing whats important and of connection to a single vision has been life saving in many communities.

Intentions and dedications.

Dance for what is meaningful for you….. some prayers, intentions and dedications that have been offered into the community dances.

  • I run for my friend suffering from depression and for all those whom suffer from depression.
  • I run for those stranded away from home and all the refugees without a home that they are given safe asylum.
  • I run for my father whom died of Cancer and for all fathers whom are struggling for life.
  • I run for my child and all children that they may live in a peaceful world.
  • I run for the wild flowers and animals and for the future of our wilderness.
  • I run for my family close to the fires and all those whom are suffering due to fire or natural disasters.
  • I run for the rivers the oceans and the waters that they are clear and clean of all pollution.
  • I run for my cat whom died of cancer and all our loved animals whom are suffering from illness.
  • I run for the rebuilding of our school and the health of our youth.
  • I run for fresh air and water to continue to be our wright and no to the planed open cast mine.
  • I run for……. what would you run for?

Tamalpa UK in collaboration with State Theta Galleries have hosted many dances throughout the UK and Europe that have included, celebrations, community transitions,  climate or environmental awareness campaigns. Working to support inclusivity in diverse or disadvantaged groups. Honouring those whom have past and those to come. In schools, communities and at professional conferences and events as ways to honour, signify and enhance processes, decisions and next steps. In generating awareness of community or group needs and supporting generative energy towards new projects or goals.

Interested in Tamalpa UK hosting a planetary dance in your area. As an opening or closing of events, conferences, public and community gatherings, supporting a cause, community need or healing, please contact us.

Audicia Lynne Morley RSMT/E  is the first certificated Planetary Dance facilitator in the UK trained by Anna Halprin.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that has.“

Resources and Links : 

Planetary Dance website:

Honouring Anna Halprin in her 100th year

Open Eye Pictures: Short 12 min documentary on the Planetary Dance


Books: Making Dances That Matter: Anna Halprin

State Theta Galleries:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that has.


The Planetary Dance 5 day intensive Facilitation Workshop in Brittany, France. June 14th-19th 2023

Planetary Dance Facilitation Workshop led by Tamalpa UK Programme Director Audicia Lynne Morley RSMT, RSME  & Marie Motais RSMT , RSME & RSDE , Assisted by Chloé Noble with international participants from across Europe. 

The workshop was a very deep, meaningful and transformative experience for all, the facilitating team as well as the participant body.

For future workshops and Planetary Dances please Contact Us.

Creating dances that matter for people in their real lives, repurposing dance as a vehicle for social change and community resilience” – Anna Halprin

You Tube Film Link:  made by Jérémy Deplagne which documents in a beautifully poetic way the Planetary Dance day.  

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