Connect to your body’s own intelligence – pause to breathe and move with creative curiosity

In honour of Anna Halprin turning 100 this year,  Tamalpa UK is hosting a number of events to commemorate Anna’s Life of Dance.  This participatory online class offered as part of the national Creativity and Wellbeing Week is an introduction to the Tamalpa Life Art Process and insight into how Anna worked with creativity, movement and dance as a healing art over the past seventy years.

In this online Tamalpa class participants will have the opportunity to:

  • To hear how Anna Halprin worked with movement and visual arts across a wide spectrum of participants with diverse health challenges
  • Have the invitation to take time to slow down
  • To reconnect with the rhythm of one’s own breath
  • To move to the beat of one’s own pulse
  • To tap into what the participants own body is needing and wanting physically, emotionally and mentally
  • To allow space for each individuals creativity and body wisdom to express its self

Lian Wilson, Creative Director of Tamalpa UK will be guiding participants through this movement based expressive arts session online via Zoom.

This event is one of hundreds of international events happening this year to celebrate Anna Halprin turning 100.

Location: Online Via Zoom

Date: Wednesday 20th May 2020

Time: 11am – 12.30pm

To register click here: