Covid 19 Update

Coronavirus (Covid-19): advice for Tamalpa UK students, staff and public participants.

Tamalpa UK has taken precautionary measures to safeguard our community and the wider public. This requires some important changes to our operations. Please read this information carefully.

The safety of our students and staff continues to be Tamalpa UK’s top priority.

Tamalpa UK is following the recommendations of the UK Government and Public Health Guidance with regards to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Tamalpa UK is continually monitoring reports from World Health Organisation (WHO), the NHS and Public Health England to stay up to date with the latest information.

The English government has announced that from the 21st February 2022 they will be moving towards implementing their Living with COVID plan.

It is the government’s plan for removing the remaining legal restrictions while protecting people most vulnerable to COVID-19 and maintaining resilience. (Please note variations on restrictions may still apply in in Wales and Scotland)

This sets out the essential actions that everybody should take to protect themselves and others while prevalence is high, as we transition towards learning to live with COVID-19.  

Find out how to stay safe and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Whilst almost all legal restrictions have been lifted in England and many people have been vaccinated, it is still possible to catch and spread COVID-19.

Tamalpa UK remains committed to ensuring both staff and students safety, we have made the decision to retain some Covid-19 safety measures during our in-person classes, workshops and trainings.

We have established the following safety protocols for our 2022 – 2023 classes and trainings:

Before attending class:


Please conduct a rapid lateral flow test on the evening before or on the morning of your Tamalpa UK Workshop, class or training.

Rapid Lateral flow test kits are available for purchase from pharmacies or can be ordered directly from the following link for those who are eligible


Once you’ve taken your test, please log the result on the government website here. Your test result will then be available via the NHS App, email, or text.

Please email it to (Please note proof of your negative test result will be deleted once the class or workshop is completed and is not stored on file)

If you have symptoms of a new continuous cough, loss of smell &/or fever/high temperature, please do not travel to the studio.

Check with the NHS if you have symptoms.

How to Stay Safe.


On arrival, please wash your hands in the downstairs toilet or use the sanitiser provided before coming up the stairs into the main hall.


Once in the main hall please find a chair to hang your coat and place your bag or belongings. The chair you pick will be the same chair to store your belongings for the duration of the class or workshop.

Throughout the weekend please mindful of each students & staff personal spaces.

Further protocols:

1. Face coverings are no longer required in the Chichester Memorial Hall.   Students and staff are welcome to wear a mask in the hall if they would feel more comfortable doing so as a personal preference. (Please note further requirements to wear a mask may come into place in short notice, all students and staff will be notified prior to attending the hall)

2. The hall will be cleaned & sanitised before the start and at the end of each Tamalpa UK class, workshop or training.

3. Hand sanitisers will be available throughout the building, and cleaning of all our facilities will be taking place on a regular basis, particularly high contact surfaces.

4. The kitchen will be open and available for use, we ask that no more than four people are in the kitchen at any one time in order to aid circulation and help avoid over-crowding. It has a hob and fridge available for use, plus a kettle and a selection of coffee’s and teas. Please bring your own travel mug.

5. Please keep the table in the main hall free from your personal belongings, so the space is available for drawing/writing during creative activities and free for breaks and lunch.

6. Please bring your own oil pastels. If you do not have access to your own, please note there will be some boxes of oil pastels available. We ask that you choose one box and keep it with you for the duration of the class or workshop, to prevent cross sharing and return it to us at the end of the last session.

7. Drawing Paper will be distributed when needed by a member of staff or work study. If you have your own A2 art pad feel free to bring it if that feels more comfortable.

8. The staff and work study student(s) will routinely clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces, such as, light switches, handrails, doorknobs, taps and chairs.

9. Please wipe down your chair at the end of each day, with wipes and antibacterial spray provided.

If you are unsure of anything please get in contact. If you have any concerns when you arrive or would like more information, please feel free to ask, your health and safety is important to us.

Sources of information

For information on what Coronavirus is and how to keep yourself and others safe, visit the Government’s website and/or the following websites:

We will continue to monitor the situation and COVID – 19 Pandemic. Tamalpa UK will only continue in-person trainings and public classes if the above guiding bodies have declared it safe to do so and only if as a team at Tamalpa UK we also feel that it is safe to do so for the kind of Expressive Arts and Embodiment training / classes that we lead.

If you have any questions about any of our training programmes or online offerings, please contact us here or call 01303 488 538.

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