From September 2021, a number of our public workshops and classes have returned to being held in person.  We will also continue to have a number of classes and workshops facilitated on line.

From 2022 our Level 1 Personal Embodiment Training and Level 2 training will operate in a Hybrid Format, a mixture of in person and online modules. 

 Tamalpa UK is adhering to all government guide lines, ensuring safety measures and requirements are met and adhered to.

We ask that all students and faculty take a COVID Lateral flow test and provide a negative result each day before attending any of our classes, workshops or training programmes in person.  

Our training programme draws a diverse range of students ranging from 25 -70+.   It is not uncommon for many of our students to come into the training programme feeling more confident in one of the art mediums and less so in some of the others. No prior experience in dance or art is required.  We do not require our students to have any previous experience in the art modalities we work with, however as this is a movement based expressive arts programme it is a fundamental aspect of the work that we explore through the creative mediums of Movement, Mark making/ drawing, writing and dialogue. Whilst students may be more comfortable or familiar with some mediums than others we invite an open curiosity to explore each creative modality.

We have students from all back grounds, writers, dances, artists, therapists, photographers, counsellors, fireman, Dr’s, designers, mothers, pharmacists, body-based practitioners, environmentalists, film makers. The training programme is designed to meet each individual where ever they are in their movement and creativity ability.  The training supports each student to continue to develop their own skills and embodiment of the Tamalpa Life Art Process®.

There is a morning session from 10am – 1.30pm and an afternoon session from 2.45pm – 5.30pm.  There is a 30min break in the morning, an 1 hour to 1 hour & 15mins for lunch, with approximately a 15min break in the afternoons.

The Level 1 Personal Embodiment training programme is not a group therapy programme.  It is a movement based expressive arts training that delves into and taps into student’s personal mythology.  Whilst the training introduces and actively gives Tamalpa Life Art Process® tools to explore and embody.  Some student’s personal material requires extra support than the three days online training.   We strongly recommend that all of our Level 1 students have a minimum of 2 hours therapeutic support each month to support them as they attend the training.

This therapeutic work needs to be with a professional and certified therapist, coach, or counsellor in any of the following areas: expressive arts therapy, psychotherapy (Jungian, Gestalt, Transpersonal, Psychosynthesis etc.), or movement/ dance/somatic-based therapy.

We have one scholarship available called the Ale Moraś Scholarship.  Depending on funds available each year a part payment is awarded to one student who meets the eligibility for the award that year.  Who feels called to do the training and finds themselves in financial hardship and without the scholarship they would not be able to attend the training. The applicant is required to experience at least one Tamalpa Experience workshop before applying. Level-1-Ale-Moraš-Scholarship-Fund-2022

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee funds will be available for every training programme.

Tamalpa UK also has two work study exchange positions available for the Level 1 Personal Embodiment training each year.  There is a small reduction in tuition fee of £650 in exchange for work supporting each training programme weekend. The discount cannot be applied on top of other early bird tuition discounts.

We have two rounds of early bird discounts

Early bird round 1 – July 30, 2021. Apply and pay £825 deposit and receive £500 discount of full tuition.

Early bird round 2 – December 3, 2021.  Apply pay £825 deposit and receive £300 discount of full tuition.

We also offer payment plans for students to spread their payments monthly for the duration of the training programme.  Please note an additional charge of £154 will be applied to for payment plans.

Folkestone has a wide variety of accommodation options to suite all budgets and needs. Air B&B has become increasingly popular.

Upon registration, students receive an accommodation list. Please note Tamalpa UK is not responsible for your accommodation. It is the student’s responsibility to contact and set up their accommodation. The accommodation list is to assist you as much as possible with your accommodation needs during your studies at Tamalpa UK.

Folkestone is a popular seaside town, that can see many of its favourable hotels & guest houses selling out during the key summer months, it is advised to book ahead, once a suitable establishment has been sourced.

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