Level 2: Embodied Leadership Training

The Level 2 Training Programme focuses on advanced personal practice and the development of professional applications of the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®. This assists participants to gain Embodied Leadership  careers in several fields of practice, including expressive arts therapy, arts & health, somatics, education, consulting, community service, health care, and the arts.

The overall educational goal of Level 2 is to develop embodied leadership and learn the skills to teach and facilitate the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® at a professional level.

The training seminars are designed to help students deepen their theoretical, experiential and practical understanding of the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®. Students develop the necessary skills to coach individuals, facilitate groups, and apply the principles of embodied awareness. Seminars consist of experiential work, practice, and lectures.

Within this framework, students are encouraged to further develop their own gifts, style, and special interests in order to take the work back to their communities. Students are also encouraged to serve under-privileged communities through the cultivation of greater social awareness and with the support of the Tamalpa ArtCorps social engagement programme.


The Level 2 Europe 2023-2024 training will be offered in a Hybrid format.
Level 2 Europe UK Hybrid Format, Tuition: $6000
8th September 2023 – 18 September 2024
This training consists of both in-person and online seminars; about 60% of the seminars are taught in-person, the rest are taught via live, interactive sessions on Zoom. There is also an online course to support Peer Practice/Lab sessions that uses TAAS – our online learning platform. 
For more information regarding the Level 2 Europe 2023-2024 training, please view the Level 2 Europe: Embodied Leadership UK Catalogue>

Level 2 Faculty is comprised of the European Tamalpa Branch Directors and advanced Tamalpa Practitioners.

For more information on the European Level 2 Format please contact the Tamalpa Institute office.

The Tamalpa L2 journey has been expansive for me as an artist, facilitator and human. I have gained valuable skills for creatively navigating and expressing the inner and outer worlds I live in as well as tools for supporting that journey for others. Two of my intentions for the training were to bridge the aesthetic and therapeutic aspects of the Life/Art work and to deepen my work in the natural environment both as an artist and facilitator. I have met both of those goals and I am excited to more confidently take my work out into the world. An unexpected benefit of the training that I am grateful for is the expansion of my cultural humility and awareness.

Level 2 graduate and Tamalpa ArtCorps recipient:

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