Training Programme Dates


Personal Embodiment training runs in two different formats.  The Online format runs once a year.  The Hybrid format, a mixture of inperson and online training runs every two years. 

Next Level 1 Personal Embodiment Hybrid training starts 13th September 2024. TUK_HYBRID 2024_2025_L1 TEACHING SCHEDULE

Next Level 1 Personal Embodiment Online training starts 1st April 2025

Please see below for full schedules. 

Hybrid training dates 2024 - 2025Subject
13th - 15th September 2024 - In Person, 19th September OnlineSpine
11th - 12th October 2024 - In Person, 3rd October & 17th October OnlineShoulders, Arms & Hands
8th -9th November 2024 - In Person, 31st October & 14th November OnlineHead
13th - 14th December 2024 - In Person, 5th & 19th December OnlineRibcage
10th - 11th January 2025 - In Person, 3rd & 16th January OnlinePelvis
7th - 8th February 2025 - In Person, 30th January & 13th February OnlineLegs
7th & 8th March 2025 - In Person, 27th February & 13th March OnlineAbdomen
11th & 12th April 2025 - In Person, 3rd & 17th OnlineEnvironmental Weekend
9th & 10th May 2025 - In Person, 1st & 15th May OnlineSelf Portrait Explorations
13th & 14th June 2025 - In Person, 5th & 19th June OnlineSelf Portrait Coaching
10th, 11th, 12th & 13th July 2025 - In personSelf Portrait Ritual Performances
8th - 9th August 2025 - In Person, 31st July OnlineClosing Weekend

In the Hybrid Format Students meet once a month on a Friday and Saturday from 10am – 5pm  and two Thursday evening classes from 6pm – 9pm 

In the Online Format meet three Wednesdays a month, with the exception of the Self Portraits month where they meet for 4 Wednesdays, and the Closing of the training where they meet for two Wednesdays, please see link below for full schedule. 

All training days are 10 AM to 5.30PM,GMT.

For full training schedule  click here: TUK L1 Online Schedule 2024

Between each weekday session students are given creative “home study” so that students can practice integrating the work into their daily lives. Exercises in the form of journal writing, drawings and short movement practices are utilized to both assimilate the material explored during each weekend and prepare for the following one.



Level 2 Europe UK Online Training.
Starts Wednesday 26th February 2025
Level 2 Europe UK Hybrid Format.
12 September 2025 – August 2026

A mixture of live, interactive seminars taught via Zoom combined with 60% in-person seminars and modules taking place in the UK and one module France.




Level 3 is a fieldwork supervision course that can be done from anywhere in the world. Students choose their fieldwork supervisor from the Tamalpa faculty. The training is offered in English, French, and German.

Applications for Level 3 are accepted year-round. Students work with their supervisor to create their course schedule

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