Tuition & Fees

Level 1 Personal Embodiment

In person training

Required fees:

  • £175 Non-refundable application fee, required before application can be processed. 
  • £825 Enrolment deposit, upon successful application
  • £4,000 – 4,650 Tuition*,**: Includes £825 enrolment & £175 non-refundable application fee (Please note Tamalpa UK will retain a £1,000 non-refundable fee for any withdrawal less than a month prior to training programme start date)

Final Tuition Balance Deadline:
August 30th, 2024 for Hybrid Training

Tuition Tier Deadlines (Upon successful application)Pay in 1 InstalmentPay via 10 x Instalments
*Tier One – early bird deadline, full payment made by 2nd April 2024£4000£4150
**Tier Two – early bird deadline, full payment made by 1st July 2024£4200£4350
Tier Three – Tuition deadline, full payment 30th August 2024£4500£4650

Payment Plans – available upon request.   Payment plans must be agreed and arranged by the stipulated early bird deadlines or by 30th August 2024 once the early bird deadlines tier one and two have passed.  The payment plan breaks down to 10 x monthly instalments that are required to be paid on the 1st of each month. 

  • Deposit, application fee and tuition are made directly to Tamalpa UK
  • Approximately £60 for required art supplies: oil pastels (set of at least 36 colours recommended), 18″ x 24″ A2 drawing pad – 100 sheets, and a journal. Self Portrait paper dimensions to be given once training programme has started

Additional Fees:

* Payment plans available upon request

Level 2 Embodied Leadership

Hybrid training – online and in person modules 

Required fees:

  • Option 1: $6000 Tuition for L2 Hybrid format* Includes $500 enrolment deposit ($250 non-refundable) 
  • Option 2: $6000 Tuition for Online format Includes $500 enrolment deposit ($250 non-refundable) 

  • $100 Tamalpa Alumni Association (TAAS) lifetime membership; not included in the Tuition Fee.
  • Deposit, application fee and tuition made directly to the Tamalpa Institute.

Optional Fees:

  • $150 Books/ Required Reading.

*Payment plans available upon request.

Level 3 Supervision Course: Fieldwork Supervision

Online Training Programme

  • $1,600 Tuition*: Includes $150 Application Fee ($150 non-refundable)
  • Deposit, application fee and tuition made directly to the Tamalpa Institute.

*Payment plans available upon request.




  • A £10 service fee will be charged for bank wire transfers.
  • Payment plans available upon request for all 3 Levels of training.

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