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Tamalpa UK Retreats: Movement as a Life/Art Process

The Tamalpa UK retreats are held a couple of times throughout the year. Offering an opportunity for participants to slow down, unwind, relax, recharge and explore what wisdom their body wants to share with them.

Throughout time movement, dance and the expressive arts have provided individuals and communities with a sense of soulful expression, healing, inspiration and connection with community and spirit. In our lives today, we need to reconnect in these ways.

In the Tamalpa UK retreats movement, drawing, poetic narrative, individual and group dance, reflective exchanges and witnessing practices will generate new thresholds of exploration and expression. Away from the distractions of daily life, there will be time to feel and listen deeply to the powerful intelligence of the body, to play and express with imagination through the arts.

This retreat is designed for everyone. No previous experience in dance or art is needed.
Duration of retreat time varies from 2 – 3 days.

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