Aude Cartoux

Aude Cartoux

TUK Level 2 Faculty

Aude teaches Tamalpa UK Level 2 students on the performance module in Marseille with Yoann Boyer, as part of the Tamalpa Level 2 European Hybrid training programme.

Aude has been playing in the dance theatre scene for thirty years as a creative artist, performer and associate. Bathed in contemporary dance as a child, she still questions the meaning of movement.  Pedagogue (graduate as a contemporary dance teacher), Trainer for the Level 2 Tamalpa Institute programme, supervisor for the Level 3, first French practitioner in the Tamalpa Life Art Process®.

Aude co-founded the Art of Movement training in 2018.  She is also the Co-Artistic Director of the company « les constructions fragiles ».   Aude creates her own projects and continues to collaborate with different artists using the expressive body at the frontier of dance, theatre, music, fine arts and video.

Aude returned to her roots, in the south of France in 2014, she became a mother and affirmed her curiosity for transformation. Her practice is continuing to unfold in the field of performing arts, from an artistic approach to a therapeutic accompaniment through movement, sensitivity, audacity and intimacy.