Audicia Lynne Morley

Audicia Lynne Morley: Tamalpa UK - Co Director & Faculty

Audicia Lynne Morley


Managing Director & Programme Director

Audicia Lynne Morley is the Managing and Programme Director for Tamalpa UK. She has spent over 30 years working in the fields of the performing arts, somatics, health and well being. Audicia is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist RSMT and Registered Somatic Movement Educator RSME with ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association).


Audicia graduated from the Tamalpa Institute in 2006 having studied with Anna and Daria Halprin from the late 1990’s. During that time she served on the board of directors for the Tamalpa Institute for 6 years where she met and worked closely with Lian Wilson. She was then invited to support the establishment of a Tamalpa training in the UK in 2012 with Lian. She has been a member of the core faculty and director team since that time.

Audicia is certified as a Planetary Dance facilitator, trained by Anna Halprin, and has presented the Planetary Dance and Tamalpa Life Art Process® workshops both in the UK and internationally.

Inspired by her time at Mountain Home Studio with Anna, Lawrence and Daria Halprin, Audicia established an International centre dedicated to the development of movement, health and the arts – State Theta Galleries – in Scotland where she now lives and works.

Prior to her study at Tamalpa she worked as a choreographer and performer with a variety of international dance/performance companies before co-founding State Theta Collaborative Arts Performance Arts Company in 1990 which specialised in supporting accessibility to professional arts projects in rural and remote areas.

A lifelong passion for learning and body orientated research have guided Audicia’a studies which bridge both Eastern and Western approaches to Body-Mind-Spirit consciousness. Her trainings include Tai-Chi Chun, Chi Gung, Butoh Dance, Amerta Movement, Body Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, The Alexander Technique, Scaravelli Yoga, Pilates, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Embryology and Meditation.

In 2014 Audicia established Alive Arts, a creative social enterprise company dedicated to supporting Arts for Peace practices inspired by her work with Anna Halprin’s Planetary Dance and First Peace Circles, developed by the EHAMA Institute, New Mexico. She received a continuing professional development bursary from Creative Scotland to develop research into Ancient Wisdom Practices as taught by the Ehama institute and Tamalpa Life Art Process® in support of personal, professional and community health, wellbeing and creative living.

Audicia has been working in private practice for over 30 years as a complementary therapist and teacher. She is a fully qualified and registered Shiatsu Therapist and Teacher (FwSS) and Certified in Craniosacral Therapy. Alongside her work in the professional training programs she offers Tamalpa Life Art® supervision and coaching.

Her specialisations and interests include somatics, embodied experiential anatomy and embryology, the creative process and ritual, nature-based collaboration and arts performance.