Donna Fallowes

Donna Fallowes


Associate Teacher

A Creative Educator, Tamalpa UK Associate Teacher & Tamalpa Practitioner, certified Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association). Founder and Creative Director Emerge Arts™ and Emerge Outreach programs™. Artist, Choreographer, Personal Coach, Consultant, Supervisor and programme designer.

Since 1995 Donna has been employed as a lecturer, course leader and workshop leader with, South Essex College and Higher Education , working with them for twelve years. In the departments: Health Care & Public Services/ Media and Performing Arts.

As founder and creative director of Emerge Arts™ (2001) and Emerge Outreach programs™ (2003), she received many commissions to work with government, organisations and businesses, and recently as consultant for a bespoke three-day Health, Arts and Creativity Festival- Hullabaloo. Emerge2life™ programs™ was launched in 2013 providing  Embodied Mindfulness workshops/Labs. One especially moving piece of work for Donna was for with those living with HIV at the River House Trust in Hammersmith, London.

Donna facilitates Tamalpa Life/Art Process Workshops & offers both group & one to one sessions in Tamalpa Movement based Expressive Arts Therapy. Providing Labs and workshops throughout UK, U.S.A and Australia Donna leads and facilitates workshops centred on the brain-body connection and high level creative functioning

Donna’s interest in the mind/body connection began as a young athlete, British Champion Baton Twirler, representing England in the European and World Championships (Belgium/Italy-1985). Her early career as a

professional dancer/actress/vocalist/choreographer allowed her to deepen her understanding of the mind/body relationship. The study of Aikido awakened her to mind-body connection and higher states of consciousness.

Her current area of interest is “Human Potential” through brain-body connection and consciousness. Helping people both understand and utilise the power of the brain-body connection and creativity to access higher states of consciousness. To develop our human potential as we venture into this new period in history and our emergent conscious evolution.