Funda Suncar

Funda Suncar

Teaching Assistant

Funda is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Expressive Art Therapy Facilitator, Actress.

After graduating from Galileo Galilei Italian High School, Funda completed her psychology degree at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey in 2015. During her undergraduate education, she studied in Universita Degli Studi di Milano, Bicocca through Erasmus Program and did an internship at Scuola Mara Selvini. In 2015, she started Istanbul Bilgi University Clinical Psychology Master Adult Subdivision Program, from which she graduated with a thesis titled “an Investigation of the Relationship of Traumatic Stress, General Health and Resilience among Terrorised People in Istanbul”. After completing her clinical internship, also in this master program, she started practicing as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

In addition to participating in internships and trainings of different pioneering experts of the clinical field, Funda completed Art Therapy for Mental Disorders Education Program (300 hours) in İstanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Psychiatry Department in 2016. Here she facilitated therapeutic theatre group conducted with patients with severe psychiatric disorders and presented the group process in the EPA 2017. In 2018, she completed Experiential Play Therapy Training I & II. In 2019 she completed her Level 1 Personal Embodiment training with Tamalpa UK and went on to study at the Tamalpa Institute for Movement-based Expressive Art Therapy in California, graduating from the Level 2 Leadership training in Programme in 2020.

She has volunteered in various social responsibility projects. She lectured at Yeditepe University in 2020 for their course, “Theoretical Perspectives in Psychology.” Since 2017, she continues to apply verbal psychotherapy with adults, as well as individual and group art therapy with different age groups, integrating systemic therapy and existential perspective on the psychodynamic infrastructure.

Funda is actively interested in various branches of art: she has a passion for ceramics, poetry, painting, writing, theatre and music. She is a graduate of Studio Players under the leadership of Şahika Tekand and she took roles in various theatre plays and performances. Under the tutelage of Timur Selçuk, she trained at the Contemporary Music Center, where she performed in a recital as a pianist.

She is a full member of the Art Psychotherapies Association in İstanbul, Turkey and the coordinator of Meeting the Artist and SPD Talks.

Funda is a Teaching Assistant for the Tamalpa UK Level 1 Personal Embodiment training 2021. Working towards completing her Level 3 Tamalpa studies to become a Tamalpa Practitioner.