Helen-Jane Ridgeway

Helen-Jane-Ridgeway: Tamalpa UK - Ethic and Compliance Director

Helen-Jane Ridgeway

Clinical & Ethics Director

Helen-Jane Ridgeway is a UKCP registered Integrative Psychotherapist, a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist (specialising in working with trauma), Coach, Consultant and Supervisor, a body worker, movement innovator, choreographer and Breath~Body~Mind Trainer.

She is a Tamalpa Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioner and Clinical & Ethics Director at Tamalpa UK.

Since 1997 Helen-Jane has been employed as a lecturer, trainer, supervisor & workshop facilitator for counselling, psychotherapy & coaching students at various institutes – such as Metanoia, Regents College, Holloway University & Matrix College. She is the director of ‘Phoenix Lifeskills Ltd’ an organisation providing consultancy & in-house trainings for organisations, companies & training organisations. She is also the co-founder of ‘Coaching with the Body in Mind’ offering trainings in a body–focused & mindfulness based approach to coaching.

Helen-Jane’s previous professional career in dance, performing arts, choreography and dance education, (teaching in the UK and Europe) has afforded her a special interest and unique understanding of the mind/body relationship.

Throughout the UK, Europe and USA she offers embodied movement workshops and trainings and Breath~Body~Mind trainings. Helen-Jane has a particular interest in a relational & body focused orientation to coaching & the co-created dynamics of the coaching relationship.

Helen-Jane facilitates Tamalpa Life/Art Process Workshops & offers both group & one to one sessions in Tamalpa Movement based Expressive Arts Therapy.

Her particular passion is the wider integration of Somatic Movement & Expressive Arts therapy into all areas of wellbeing, healthcare & training for Psychotherapists & health care practitioners, with a particular interest in the field of trauma.

Please contact: Helen-Jane@tamalpa-uk.org
M: 07976 701796