Stéphane Vernier

Stéphane Vernier

Co-Founder Tamalpa France & TUK Level 2 Faculty

Stéphane teaches Tamalpa UK Level 2 students on a number of somatic movement modules in the Tamalpa Level 2 European Hybrid training programme.

Co-founder of Tamalpa France, osteopath DO, graduate in psychosomatics from the University of Paris 5, dancer / improviser, actor, certified practitioner in the Tamalpa Life Art Process®, and somatic educator registered with ISMETA.  Stéphane is committed to putting individuals in motion, to (re) connect them to themselves and to their creative potential to develop their possibilities of being and acting.

He has worked for several years at the University of Lyon (DU in Education in Somatic Practices) and at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, offering workshops, internships and social actions to various audiences (adolescents, women in a situation of domestic violence and precariousness, theatre students) in connection with the practice of the Tamalpa Life / Art Process®. Stéphane sees art as a catalyst for working on personal, interpersonal, social and community issues.

Stéphane trained as an actor at Atelier Blanche Salant in Paris, with Jack Waltzer, with Jock MacDonalds. As a contemporary dancer and improviser, he trained with Ann Lewis, Anna Halprin, Dimitris Kraniotis (current Jérôme Andrews), Christine Kono and G. Hoffman Soto. These choreographers have in common that they put somatic work and sensitive listening to the body at the center of the creative process, with improvisation as the first ingredient of creation. Stéphane danced and performed for Anna Halprin, the Ludwig (Dimitris Kraniotis & Christine Kono) and Molayo (G. Hoffman Soto) collectives, the ChoréOnyx companies of Bruce Taylor, alluna of Marie Motais, La Voix de l’Ourse by Marie- Laure Gilberton. He has also been in a few clips and commercials (MoCushle, Célio, l’Atelier du Vin, Bolloré Transports & Logistiques, …)